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The most significant advance

in bike security since the

invention of the wheel


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It's My Bike - Simple, Smart Security

Bike security has been an arms race up until now. Basically tougher locks v tougher tools. A fortune has also been spent on invisible marking systems that have never, will never and can never work. Why? Because they are invisible.

We adopted a different approach

Over two decades car crime in the UK fell from around 700,000 per annum in the 1990s to around 100,000 now. In the main this is explained by the use of new technologies. As cars got increasingly hard to steal thieves began to focus more on bikes which had risen in value.

Bikes didn't have immobilisers or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locking systems. Police also tended to take bike theft less seriously with courts being more lenient on bike thieves.

What was needed was an approach that emulated, as far as possible what had worked with cars.

Technology & Psychology


Our technologies are already used to protect items such as the props in films including Star Wars, The Force Awakens and the multi-million pound collection of stringed instruments held by the Royal College of Music. They have also been adopted as standard by the Music Industries Association in the UK.

It's based on Near Field Communication (NFC), a short range wireless standard and form of RFID which powers digital wallets and payment systems such as Apple Pay. From September of this year all major smartphone brands, including Apple have been able to read the NFC microchips embedded in It's My Bike.

The psychology is Behavioural Economics. It seeks to understand how people, including criminals, take decisions and how to influence that process using natural thinking biases. We use these biases to increase the level of perceived threat to a potential thief, encourage people to be more personally responsible for their possessions and improve the recovery of lost or stolen items.


We combined the technology and psychology, added a secure online database and It's My Bike was born.

A bike owner registers the NFC chip by tapping his phone on it and filling in an online form. They can report the item lost or stolen and can be contacted by a finder directly whether a member of the public, a police officer or staff at a lost or found office.

Anyone trying to find concealed chips has to use a smartphone to find them. But an alert is sent to the owner whenever someone scans the item and network address of their phone is automatically recorded. In finding and removing the chips the thief may well damage the bike beyond repair making it valueless.