Welcome to It's MY Bike

A few pointers to get you started.

It's not exactly rocket science, you simply peel the backing off the labels and stick them somewhere they can be read by a smartphone. Almost any modern smartphone will be able to read the chips, including iPhones running the iOS 11 operating system. If in doubt check here.

In the packaging you should have one of those My_Bike_Black_Border and two of these. onmetal

If they are not all there then email us at underdone@itsminetechnology.com and we will make sure that you are properly chipped up.

All the labels contain a Near Field Communication microchip which acts as a micro radio transmitter. It begins broadcasting when in the vicinity of an NFC capable phone.



Because it is designed to be a deterrent the bigger label with It's MY Bike on it should be put somewhere highly visible on the bike.

Put it on the frame or the handlebars for example. For an explanation of why it works, the science of deterrence, have a look here.

In Hiding

We will hide the other two chips somewhere on the bike. This makes things more difficult for a thief as typically he like to steal and sell something on within half an hour. He will find it impossible to find the concealed chips and repair the damage he has caused doing it during that time.

These chips have been prepared so that they will still work when on metal surfaces. They can also be read when under plastic, leather or carbon fibre in some cases. This means that you can hide them under the tyres, handlebars or seat for example. Before finally sticking a label down test to make sure it can be read using your phone.

The problem of removing the hidden chips is worsened by the fact that the phone only gives you an approximate location for them. In the end the bike is probably more air than actual bike. This renders the bike worthless and therefore not worth trying to steal in the first place.

safethumbOnce tapped by your phone it should automatically start a browsing session on the phone. It links automatically, without the aid of an app, to a secure online database known as the It's Mine Safe.

Your deposits in the It's Mine Safe can all be managed from the one interface. You can even download a spreadsheet of all of your items. Find out about it here.

If you want to know more about how It's My Bike brings together technology and psychology go here.

That's it, You're good to go.