What does it mean when I see this on someone's property?

It means that the owner has chosen to install It's My Bike. At the very least it will be fitted with two hidden Near Field Communication microchips, perhaps more in any accessories. They can be read by a smartphone running NFC.

I notice the color scheme, why?

It sends a subliminal message to your brain. The way it looks has been designed to make you feel uneasy. Psychological warfare really.

The chips use NFC, what is that?

Near Field Communication is a short range radio technology.nfc1 It can be scanned using a modern smartphones phone running NFC, including iPhones from the 7 onward.

How long does the battery last?

It doesn't have a battery it picks up its power from the phone.


What does it send and to where?

It uses email to send a message to the owner telling him that one of his items has been scanned.

In the email it gives details about your phone which could identify you and lead to your arrest and conviction.

But I could simply chop out the chips?

First you would have to find them and thats not going to be easy.

You have to use your phone to do so which means sending an email automatically to the owner when you find a chip. There is another problem. The phone scanner is accurate to about 2 cms. Here is how to work out how much material you have to remove to guarantee you take out the chip. A given is that there might be more than one chip.


Have fun repairing that.


By the time you have assured yourself that you have all the chips you will have a bike resembling a swiss cheese

Its not just a matter of getting rid of labelling either, which will take ages in the first place. Imagine how pissed off your fence is going to get if he gets arrested for being in possession of something that still has the chips in it.


He may well decide not to do business with you again and you know how quickly news gets around in your game.

So what you are going to end up with is:

  • an owner that has been alerted and has possible contacted the police

  • gouging holes in the bike which you cannot sell because of the damage

  • perhaps a fence or his representative looking to engage you in a meaningful discussion

  • a rather embarrassing court appearance